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Governor Dayton Signs Seven Bills into Law

April 29, 2014

Governor signs another Unsession bill, total of 53 Unsession provisions have now become law
ST. PAUL, MN – Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed seven bills into law. One of the bills Governor Dayton signed into law today (HF2937) includes 7 Unsession provisions the Governor recommended to the Legislature in early March. Altogether, 53 Unsession provisions have now become law.

  • Chapter 172, HF 2582: This bill provides rules for the organization and operation of public benefit corporations. This passed the House 110-16 and the Senate 48-16.
  • Chapter 173, HF 2276: This bill enables Safe at Home program participants to buy property in a manner that protects their identities. The Safe at Home program is an address confidentiality program designed to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or others who fear for their safety. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.
  • Chapter 174, HF 2937: This Unsession bill makes technical changes affecting the Minnesota Historical Society, including amending language to include correct addresses and names. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.
  • Chapter 175, HF 2858: This transportation bill amends regulations for limousines. This passed the House 100-21 and the Senate 57-0.
  • Chapter 176, SF 1732: This elections bill extends the deadline for counties to purchase voting equipment with Help America Vote Act grants. The bill received unanimous bipartisan support in both chambers.
  • Chapter 177, HF 2141: This public safety bill increases the time-limit for warrantless arrests from 24 hours to 72 hours for warrantless arrests in misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor domestic abuse offenses. This bill also clarifies probable cause arrests for violations of protection, restraining, and no contact orders. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.
  • Chapter 178, HF 2656: This health bill modifies the use of the all-payer claims data. The bill convenes a work group to make recommendations on expanded uses of the all-payer claims database. This passed the House 80-48 and the Senate 46-13.

About the Unsession
Governor Dayton’s Unsession reform proposals include over 1,000 ways to make state government work better for the people of Minnesota. From reforms that will improve state government services, to the elimination of unnecessary and outdated statutes, to simplifying the language of our state laws, the Governor’s Unsession proposals have one overarching goal: creating a Better Government for a Better Minnesota. More information about the Governor’s Unsession proposals is available online at