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Lt. Gov. Prettner Solon

Lt. Governor Prettner Solon

Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon is a Duluth native with a long and distinguished career in public service. Prior to being elected Lt. Governor, she served on the Duluth City Council for 12 years and in the state Senate for nine years. In the Senate, the Lt. Governor distinguished herself as a health care and energy policy leader. She is known as someone who can bring people together to foster agreement. 

Lt. Governor Prettner Solon is a passionate and relentless advocate for Minnesota seniors and Greater Minnesota.  She established the Senior Linkage Line, a One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors as a single point of contact for seniors with questions about state services. She continues to focus on ensuring seniors are provided the necessary supports within their communities to remain viably connected, healthy and independent as long as they desire and are able. She is also working to develop programs to educate younger people about planning for retirement to cultivate quality of life and adequate resources as they age.  

The Lt. Governor values her roots. She maintains regular office hours in Duluth and spearheads tours that bring the Capitol to Greater Minnesota.  

She was appointed by her peers to the Executive Committee of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association and is the recipient of the Inaugural Public Leadership in Energy and Environmental Stewardship award presented by General Electric.

Lieutenant Governor Prettner Solon is a retired clinical psychologist. She received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She has two married children and a grandchild, and enjoys spending time with them as well as reading, traveling, snorkeling, walking, and golfing.

Office Leadership

As Lt. Governor, Yvonne Prettner Solon has set new achievement goals for Minnesota students, expanded opportunities for volunteerism, helped Minnesota’s aging population prepare for a more secure future, and empowered Minnesotans with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives. By stimulating the international exchange of ideas, Lt. Governor Prettner Solon has also drawn on her legislative expertise to continue advancing Minnesota’s clean energy economy, and build on our state’s nation-leading stature in health care innovation.

To-date, some of Prettner Solon’s signature accomplishments and key initiatives as Lt. Governor have included the following:

Senior Issues:

  • Senior One Stop Shop    
    • Senior LinkAge Line
    • Senior Volunteer Opportunities
    • Senior Employment Opportunities
  • Chair, Own Your Future Advisory Committee
  • Honorary Co-Chair, ACT on Alzheimer’s
  • Leader, Hunger Free MN
Ambassador to Greater Minnesota:
  • Bringing the Capitol to Greater Minnesota
  • Regular Office Hours in Greater Minnesota
  • NE Minnesota Flood Responder
Ambassador to State Employees:
  • State Agency Visits
Capitol Area Leadership:
  • Chair, Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board
  • Member, Capitol Preservation Committee
  • Chair, Advisory Committee on Capitol Area Security
Military/Veteran Initiatives:
  • Community Covenant Raising Awareness for Military Families
  • First Lady of the United States Veterans Employment Licensing Initiative
  • Deployment/Return/Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Events
  • F-16 Flight: Supporter of the 148th Fighter Wing – Duluth, Advocate for Active Association
  • Member, Civil Air Patrol Legislative Squadron
Health Care:
  • Chair, Olmstead Sub-Cabinet
  • Disability One-Stop Initiative
  • Ex-Officio Member,  State Community Health Services Advisory Committee on Mental Health Policy (SCHSAC) 
  • Member, Health Care Reform Sub-Cabinet
  • Leader, MN/Midwest-Berlin Health Care Policy Exchange
  • Co-Chair, GradMinnesota
  • Honorary Chair, MN Alliance with Youth
  • Leader, MN/Midwest-Berlin Renewable Energy Policy Exchange
  • Participant, MN-Canada Energy Exchange – Manitoba Hydro
Economic Development:
  • Participant, NLGA-China Economic Development Exchange 2011
  • Participant, Economic Development Policy Summit of the NLGA and Association of Mexican State Economic Development Directors
  • Future Participant, MN-Finland-Russia Economic Development Exchange 2014
  • Member, Minnesota Executive Council
  • Member, Governor’s Cabinet
  • Major Contributor to the Governor’s Fishing Opener
  • Commissioner, Great Lakes Commission
  • Executive Council Member, National Lieutenant Governor’s Association
  • Co-Chair of the NLGA Midwest energy Consortium
  • Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer, Democratic Lieutenant Governor’s Association
  • Honorary Member, Minnesota Historical Society Executive Council
  • Board of Directors, DECC
  • Board of Directors, Great Lakes Aquarium
  • Honorary Member, Duluth Rotary #25
  • Honorary Member, ECO Rotary 
  • Honorary Co-Chair, State Combined Charities Campaign
  • Board of Directors, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Cultural Entrepreneurship Program
  • Member, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Chancellor’s Advisory Board