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      The Pink Tank Project

      Posted on October 08, 2013 at 1:41 PM

      You can find more Pink Tank Project videos on the Minnesota National Guard's YouTube page here

      To build breast cancer awareness for all women, the Minnesota National Guard has launching the Pink Tank Project this month for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

      "Improving wellness in our service members aligns with our priorities and the Pink Tank Project assists in keeping us a competent and ready force," said Army Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash, Minnesota National Guard's Adjutant General.

      "This project is to build breast cancer awareness for all women whether they wear the uniform or not," said Army Maj. Kristen L. Auge, Minnesota National Guard's Deputy Director of Public Affairs. "The Pink Tank Project is a promise - a promise to yourself to conduct monthly self-breast exams and have mammograms as recommended by your health care provider."

      "Three women with ties to the Minnesota National Guard and whose lives have been forever changed by breast cancer are featured in this project," said Aug?. "Throughout the month, their stories and a special breast cancer awareness video will launch on the Minnesota National Guard's Pink Tank Project webpage."

      "We are inviting people to join the Pink Tank Project by liking us on Facebook," said Army Sgt. Cassie Mecuk, a soldier in the Minnesota National Guard who is battling breast cancer for the third time. "By joining our Facebook site, you will receive monthly reminders to conduct your self-breast exams."

      "Why a tank? Like a tank, we are strong, but not invincible," said Mecuk.

      For more information on the Minnesota National Guard's Pink Tank Project, visit