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      FastTRAC Initiative paves the way for hard working Minnesotans

      Posted on July 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM

      Minnesota FastTRAC Initiative
      The Minnesota FastTRAC Initiative provides a route for students to advance their careers while providing for their families.

      In March of 2012, Patricia Rice found herself moving to Anoka County, leaving behind life in a shelter. As a single mother trying to support her two children, Patricia met with a Minnesota Family Investment Program job counselor where she was able to find a job in a nursing home. She enjoyed the job, but needed something that could further sustain her family and help the community.

      Patricia then learned about the Minnesota FastTRAC Initiative, which would lead her toward her goal of becoming a certified nursing assistant. 

      The road to a degree can be difficult. Patricia found herself trying to balance her school and work, keeping a roof over her children’s heads. Thankfully, Minnesota FastTRAC provides understanding instructors and specially placed “navigators” who work with students to efficiently comprehend course materials. The Minnesota FastTRAC professors are determined to see their students succeed and move on into sustaining jobs.

      This year, Governor Mark Dayton and the DFL legislature invested $3 million in the Minnesota FastTRAC program. The new resources will alleviate the program’s chronic waiting list and help it create an educated workforce for a better Minnesota.

      Employers throughout Minnesota can look to FastTRAC to scout for future employees that through determination, take initiative. The FastTRAC Initiative gives education options to many who otherwise would not have the means, and with their degrees are able to grow further.

      Through FastTRAC, Patricia was able to study hard, pass her exams and become a certified nursing assistant at the same nursing home where she can continue working with the residents.

      “I did it with working, going to school and taking care of two children. Coming from nothing and working hard for what makes you happy is just priceless. I’m so glad I stuck with this,” Patricia said

      To learn more about the Minnesota FastTRAC Initiative go to: