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      Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Outdoor Experiences

      Posted on June 28, 2013 at 3:09 PM

      Minnesota Outdoor Experiences
      Minnesota is home to 72 beautiful state parks,  including Bear Head Lake State Park shown above.

      Forget your Facebook. Ignore that Netflix cue. Quit Instagramming your lunch, and fry up a walleye caught fresh from the crystal clear waters of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes. 

      It’s Friday, Minnesota – and that means it’s time to turn off your smartphones and discover all that the Minnesota outdoors have to offer (you won’t have service where you’re going anyway).The Minnesota outdoors simply has too much to miss out on.

      Our great state is home to 72 state parks, 58 state forests, 24 biking and biking trails, 33 water trails, 16.3 million acres of forest land – and of course 10,000 lakes (Shh, it’s actually 11,842, but if you won’t tell, we won’t either.) Not to mention, we're the Best Trails State in America.

      To top it off, it’s easy to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer.

      You can buy fishing licenses and watercraft licenses online, and find your nearest lake or swimming beach too. There are tons of places to put your boat in the water, and even a handy mobile app to find the best water access spots. You can even download a complete guide to our beautiful state forests

      Did we mention there are still campsite and cabin reservations available across the state? And that Department of Natural Resources has declared Minnesota’s lakes to be the perfect swimming temperature? The Fourth of July is right around the corner folks – you have no excuse.

      Remember, that boat-trailer-laden stretch of I-35 only lasts an hour or so, and seeing a youngster catch his or her first sunfish on Lake Winnie will quickly make up for it.

      So whether you head to Mille Lacs, Detroit Lakes, or to the Boundary Waters, grab some friends and relatives and enjoy everything the Minnesota have to offer.

      Happy summer, Minnesota!

      Need help planning your trip? Check out the Department of Natural Resources website for a full guide to summer fun outside.