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      Celebrate Earth Day with the MPCA

      Posted on April 22, 2013 at 1:58 PM

      Every day is Earth Day

      On Earth Day this year it is especially noticeable how polar our planet can be. Unseasonable temperatures last year gave way to one of the wettest, coldest, and longest, springs this year. While this could be interpreted as Mother Nature’s cruelty, it’s more a sign of our planet’s fragility.

      While the MPCA stresses “Every day is Earth Day”, April 22 is the one time a year that everyone should take notice of our environment. For those hoping to celebrate proactively, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has 5 ways you can go a little greener this year.

      Commissioner Stine and the MPCA have updated their strategic plan, putting more emphasis on results and outcomes Minnesota families will benefit from directly. Emphasizing clean water to support healthy ecosystems and communities, clean air and sensible land management all add up to the agency’s new mission statement: “ to protect and improve the environment and enhance human health.” A complete infographic of the MPCA’s strategic plan can be viewed at the MPCA website.

      Make this Earth Day the most eco-centric you ever have, and start a tradition of playing a part in preserving and improving our environment.