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      Tax Credits Available for Military Service Members

      Posted on November 16, 2012 at 2:17 PM

      Service Members at a Tax Credit Information SessionWith Veterans Day fresh on the minds of Minnesotans, the Minnesota Department of Revenue reminds members of the military that they may be eligible for hundreds of dollars in military related tax benefits.  

      The Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone is available to members of the military who have recently served in a designated combat zone or hazardous duty area. There is a credit of $120 for each month served beginning January 1, 2009. To claim the credit, members of the military should complete and file Form M99, Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone, for the year(s) in which they served.

      As part of the department’s military outreach efforts, DOR participates in the state’s reintegration training program for soldiers returning from deployment. The training is coordinated by the Minnesota Army National Guard, and Department of Revenue staff helps service members complete the necessary forms for the military credit and assists with other tax matters.  This year, department staff have attended military parades to raise awareness of available credits and traveled to Camp Shelby in Mississippi to assist returning Minnesota service members with filing their tax forms.
      To date, more than 29,000 claims for the military credit have been received totaling more than $14 million in refunds.

      For more information about the tax credit, including required documentation, forms and instructions our website