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      Honoring Our Women Veterans

      Posted on June 18, 2012 at 1:31 PM

      Governor Dayton has proclaimed today, June 18th, Minnesota Women Veterans Day.  “It is right and proper to honor, remember, and thank these patriots for their service and sacrifice, because ‘women were there too.’”

      In honor of Minnesota Women Veterans Day, Tee It Up for the Troops is hosting a golf tournament, “Teeing it up for our Women Veterans,” to recognize women veterans and their service to America, today at the Wilds Golf Course in Prior Lake.  The event is comprised of only women. Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon has offered remarks for the event via video address. Solon recognizes the service, sacrifice, and achievements women veterans have done for our country, past and present, as well as the importance of honoring these women for their action.

      Women have patriotically served our Nation, from the Revolutionary War to Operation Iraqi Freedom and every battle in-between.  This being said, women bravely defended our nation long before they were given the right to vote, proving their loyalty to America.  Over the years, the roles women have been able to partake in have increased, from service pilots, nurses, mechanics, intelligence and communications, and many more.  

      Today, 15% of our Nation’s Armed Forces are women, who too can be killed in action and taken as prisoners of war, serve and sacrifice. (  23,000 Minnesotan women have proudly served our State in the Armed Forces. ( This great service to our country deserves recognition and cannot be overlooked, so June 18th will now stand as a constant reminder, merited recognition, and grateful thanks to all of the service women veterans have done for our state and country.