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      Highlighting Minnesotan Innovation

      Posted on June 14, 2012 at 11:50 AM

      Minnesota Innovation

      On his current trade mission to China, Governor Dayton is pleased to have two of Minnesota’s finest biomedical companies, 3M and Medtronic, joining him in as members of the delegation. In addition to fostering Minnesota’s trade relationship with China, this trip is a confirmation of Minnesota’s commitment to the exchange of both ideas and information as China and the United States move forward through the 21st century. There is perhaps no better symbol of that commitment than the biomedical field, a field which has unmatched potential to improve the lives of humans all across the earth.

      In addition to embodying Minnesota’s spirit of shared progress, both 3M and Medtronic foster strong relationships with China. 3M has had a rubber and adhesives branch in China since 1984—3M China Ltd.—which has its headquarters located in Shanghai. 3M also has eight manufacturing sites and 26 business locations throughout China, and the company has invested over $750 million into the nation as of 2010. You can learn more about 3M’s work in China here.

      Since over 60% of all management personnel in 3M are local, the Chinese branches employ primarily Chinese workers. And 3M’s relationship with China is mutually beneficial: according to 3M, the company’s presence in China has been crucial to the company’s overall profits.

      Medtronic also has a presence in China, hosting two patient care centers in the cities of Beijing and Wuhan. Furthermore, the Medtronic Foundation sponsors two large initiatives in China to train executives and build capacity in health care as part of Medtronic’s Global Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Initiative. More information on the Global NCD Initiative can be found here.

      Metronic also has a Greater China headquarters for medical appliance technology in Beijing, and the company has facilities in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  You can visit Medtronic's website to learn more about their presence in China.