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      A Student Perspective: Supporting the U at the State Capitol

      Posted on March 30, 2012 at 10:52 AM

      As both an intern at the Office of the Governor and a student at the University of Minnesota, I have the unique opportunity to participate in conversations about legislative efforts to support the U. Today my two worlds collide as students of UMN campuses across the state meet at the Capitol to rally around the University. The annual Support the U Day brings together students, faculty members, and state legislators for one discussion regarding the future of the University and of the state.

      I support the U because it allows me to explore any and every interest I have. It helped me to develop my passion for public policy and international studies, and it continues to guide me on a path I never imagined I’d travel. I support the U because the opportunities it provides its students are limitless. I can work directly with my professor on a research project, I can study abroad, I can study in the community, and I can learn just about any language I want to learn. More, I can find community in the over 800 student groups on the Twin Cities campus.

      Support the U Day gives students a voice in the political process. It provides them the stage on which to share their stories. There are no paid corporate lobbyists here; there are students and community members advocating together for the state’s only public research university. Support the U Day is an event where we can leave our partisan identities at the door, and come together to support the future of Minnesota.

      Marissa Kramer currently studies political science and philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She also is an intern in the communications departnment in the Office of Governor Mark Dayton.