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      MPLS/St. Paul Business Journal: State wants advice on running lean

      Posted on January 27, 2012 at 2:44 PM


      When Governor Dayton announced the Better Government for a Better Minnesota initiative, he recognized that government could not keep doing things the same old way. More than just an initiative, the commitment to making continuous improvements to how the state does business is a core value of Governor Dayton’s administration.

      That commitment is paying off. Today, Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal reported some of the successes of the state’s partnerships with the business community:

      To date, the state has trained more than 5,000 employees from 23 state agencies, 20 counties and four cities through its lean-management program. It also has hosted roughly 250 “kaisen” events where government employees come together to brainstorm problems and ideas for how to fix them. Officials estimate that each meeting generates $90,000 in savings, primarily by eliminating needless work for staffers — a projection that would put the total savings at approximately $22.5 million over the life of the program.

      The Minnesota Department of Revenue, for example, was able to save taxpayers $1 million by moving to an electronic check-processing system that dramatically reduced the number of tax forms that were sent to incorrect addresses. The state also cut in half the number of insurance applications that need to be reworked and has reduced the wait time for new signs at state parks from nine months to three months. [Read More: Subscription Required].

      Creating strategic business partnerships and adopting LEAN principles is positively impacting the way our state does business.  People are getting better service at a better price from state government. Partnering with the business community and adopting their best practices is helping us build a better Government for a Better Minnesota.