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      Majority of Minnesotans support Governor Dayton

      Posted on November 09, 2011 at 8:32 AM

      A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll released this morning says that a majority of Minnesotans — 52 percent — approve of the way Governor Dayton is handling the job.

      According to the poll:

      The poll shows Dayton doing best among Democrats and older Minnesotans. Seventy-six percent of Democrats registered approval. Among Minnesotans 65 and older, 67 percent approve of the job he's doing -- his highest marks among any demographic group.

      "I'm two months away from 65, so they are my peers," joked the governor, who was the oldest Minnesota governor to be elected.

      More seriously, Dayton said, "I think the elderly have memories that go back further than young people." They have watched him for more than three decades, he said, and "understand my sincerity."

      Norman Heitz, 75, of Minneapolis, said he believes Dayton "wants to get some real work done."

      "I think he's really trying to do a lot of good, and he's being stepped on all over the place," said Heitz, a DFLer. "The Republicans don't want to do anything he wants to do."

      Dave Walle, 62, of Rochester, agrees. "I think he has great challenges," said Walle, an independent. "It's not a perfect job, but I think he is responding to real life." Walle said he appreciates that Dayton has traveled the state to listen to Minnesotans.

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