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      November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month in Minnesota

      Posted on November 02, 2011 at 1:13 PM

      In 2010, lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer death in Minnesota, the United States and the world. Among men, 90 percent of these lung cancer deaths are attributed to smoking. Among women, that number is 80 percent. However, because lung cancer can be caused by secondhand smoke, in addition to smoking, those diagnosed often are not smokers themselves.

      Increased awareness of these facts plays a critical role in preventing, diagnosing and treating further lung cancer cases. In that spirit, Governor Dayton has proclaimed the month of November to be Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the state of Minnesota.

      This year in Minnesota it is estimated there will be 3,150 additional people diagnosed with lung cancer, and over 2,450 citizens are expected to succumb to the disease. As the proclamation notes, only through heightened awareness and statewide collaboration across all sectors of Minnesota can we reduce those numbers:

      “Increased awareness and coordination among all stakeholders – federal and state governments, providers, patient groups, community leaders and organizations, the public, businesses, and researchers – is critical to promote the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of lung cancer.”

      Click here to read the full proclamation.