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      Spotlight on Innovation: GeaCom

      Posted on October 24, 2011 at 9:09 AM

      This is part of a series, “Spotlight on Innovation,” featuring companies who will have exhibits in Innovation Hall at the Governor’s Job Summit tomorrow.

      Duluth-based GeaCom has developed a device it hopes will give caregivers throughout the world the power to treat anyone, anywhere and reduce suffering and save lives. It is known as the Phrazer medical communication system, an award winning and revolutionary handheld device that collects patient information, medical history, and patient symptoms and complaints.  The device monitors vital signs and stores electronic medical records, helping cut down on doctor-patient communication time and makes doctor visits more efficient and allows accurate digital recordings of patient medical history. 

      The Phrazer currently has 300 units working in the field and GeaCom expects that number to skyrocket to over 10,000 by the end of the year.  The company also projects 40,000 units to be sold in the year 2012.  GeaCom said most of its customers are military hospitals, but some insurance companies are now purchasing the device and donating it to hospitals to reduce costs and greatly improve efficiency.

      Along with its many medical advantages, the Phrazer device is also a decorated award winner.  The Phrazer took home the Gold in the category of Science and Medical – Handheld or Miniaturized Devices Segment at the 2011 Edison Awards.  The Phrazer stood on the podium alongside products like the Apple iPad and the Chevrolet Volt as a 2011 Best New Product. 

      GeaCom will be presenting at the Innovation Hall of the Governor’s Job Summit at the St. Paul Crowne Plaza on October 25. The company’s innovations in the medical field are important to the state as we get Minnesota working again.