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      Minnesota Department of Commerce rolls out financial literacy action plan

      Posted on October 19, 2011 at 11:36 AM

      The Minnesota Department of Commerce announced this week the launch of a multifaceted consumer outreach action plan focused on financial literacy. The plan consists of 12 specific initiatives aimed at helping educate consumers from Kindergarten to retirement.

      “Considering the many hardships facing Minnesotans in this economy, it has never been more important to empower consumers of all ages with the knowledge and resources necessary to make responsible, informed financial decisions,” said Commissioner Rothman. “The Minnesota Department of Commerce, as one of the state’s consumer advocates, has a mission-driven responsibility to contribute what resources, expertise, and services we can to this important effort.”

      The 12 initiatives are the result of a collaborative Financial Literacy Roundtable conversation hosted last April by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

      The steps include direct outreach to consumers, improving online tools for financial literacy, collaborating with the federal government and other state agencies, and more.

      Click here to read more details about all 12 steps.