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      Governor Dayton gives keynote address at Minnesota Business Partnership Annual Dinner

      Posted on October 18, 2011 at 12:29 PM

      Last night, Governor Dayton gave the keynote address at the Minnesota Business Partnership Annual Dinner and called on Minnesota's business leaders to join him in addressing the issues facing the state.

      The Star Tribune reports that the Governor asked business leaders to help rebuild our state's infrastructure and improve our higher education system.  Check out some excerpts below and read the full article here.

      "I am trying to identify those who are willing to join in partnership," Dayton told about 700 business leaders at the Minnesota Business Partnership's annual dinner in downtown Minneapolis.

      Dayton told the business leaders that the state is at a critical time in addressing higher education and infrastructure needs, including a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

      He wants business leaders to get involved to help identify "pillars of excellence" in the higher education system that can be improved and built upon.

      Dayton also called on business leaders to help rebuild the state's infrastructure and asked for support of a "people's stadium" where the Minnesota Vikings can play for decades to come.

      "I need you to pledge your support and get that project approved in the next month," he said, drawing applause.