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      Governor Dayton Receives 2011 Public Official Award at MNA Convention

      Posted on October 17, 2011 at 11:57 AM

      Today Governor Dayton received the 2011 Public Official Award at the 2011 Minnesota Nurses Association Convention.

      Governor Dayton was chosen as this year's recipient for his leadership on asking the wealthiest Minnesotans to pay their fair share, Medicaid expansion, and protection of workers’ rights.

      At this morning's convention, Governor Dayton said:

      "I thank you and I thank those of you not here today, your colleagues — please tell them how respectful I am of the dedication and commitment and the importance of what it is that you do — to save lives, improve lives and preserve the quality of health care here in Minnesota. That's why I'm so proud to receive this award and stand with you."

      "The hospitals, the nursing homes, the clinics — are not only essential to the quality of life and to people's health care, but they are also the major employers, the major economic engines throughout Minnesota and especially Greater Minnesota."

      To watch Governor Dayton's entire speech, click here.