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      Governor Dayton on hand for launch of Greater MSP Partnership

      Posted on October 12, 2011 at 9:46 AM

      Last night, Governor Dayton spoke at the launch of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership (Greater MSP Partnership), which is committed to economic growth and prosperity in the 13-county Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area.

      The Greater MSP Partnership is another example of public-private organizations and businesses working together to create jobs and put Minnesotans back to work. It will focus on five areas to increase job growth in the Twin Cities: health and life sciences, corporate headquarters and business services, food and agribusiness, innovation and technology, and financial services and insurance.

      Governor Dayton's remarks at the launch of the Greater MSP Partnership is just another example of his focus on jobs and gathering input from a broad spectrum of Minnesotans on how to get our economy working again. The Governor will hold a jobs summit on October 25th - another in a series of steps his administration is taking to Minnesotans back to work.

      This morning's Pioneer Press has an article highlighting the last night's launch of the Greater MSP Partnership. Read it below.

      A new regional group says it wants to ramp up job growth in the Twin Cities.

      The leaders of Greater MSP, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership, presented their vision for a regional approach to economic development to business and community leaders Tuesday at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis.

      The private-public partnership, founded in March, said it had been working for six months toward Tuesday's presentation and call to action to business and community leaders to promote the region to companies, workers and tourists.

      "We're looking to a national and global marketplace to attract investment and stimulus here for our economy," said Michael Langley, Greater MSP's chief executive, in an interview.

      Langley said that the area is expected to gain about 75,000 jobs in the next five years. He said that number is not enough and that his group's goal is to increase it to 100,000 jobs.

      To read the entire article, click here.