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  • More content moving to redesigned DHS public website

    Adult mental health services content moved within the DHS website today. The move is part of a redesign of the department's public website to improve its usability. To help website users find content, DHS will temporarily redirect key links. If you have book marked this content or added it to favorites, you will need to update these links.

    The "rate/report this page" feature for website visitors to report issues with individual pages, such as broken links, also will be implemented across the new site today.

    The website redesign planning team and communications staff are working with business area content owners and developers as the migration plan is rolled out agency wide. The project's goal is to move all content (with the exception of online manuals and County Link) from the existing public site to the new site by the end of 2014 and to improve the site usability so that all audiences can find the information they need.

    Use the A to Z and contact us pages to help you find information in the redesigned People we serve content areas.  

    Content for mental health partners and providers is available on adult mental health partners and providers

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