Partners and Providers

DHS partners with counties, tribes, providers, consumer groups, advocacy organizations and other partners in human services to address Minnesotans' needs.


Counties and Tribes

The strong partnership between the Minnesota Department of Human Services and counties and tribes is a key part of Minnesota’s safety net. Without county and tribal partners, many of Minnesotans most important human services could not be delivered.

  • Bulletins

    Official communication to county and tribal staff and business partners about program changes and required actions.

  • CountyLink website

    CountyLink is DHS’ website dedicated to information for county and tribal agencies.

  • County redesign

    The Steering Committee on Performance and Outcome Reforms is working to establish a list of essential human services performed by counties and minimum outcome standards.

  • Documents and forms (eDocs)

    DHS’ online document repository, called eDocs, provides easy access to current versions of brochures, forms and other documents.

  • Grants and RFPs

    DHS periodically issues requests for proposals (RFPs) to invite businesses and organizations to participate in various projects and programs.

  • Licensing

    DHS licenses service providers and monitors and investigates their compliance with Minnesota laws and rules.

  • Manuals

    Quick links to a variety of online policy and procedure manuals for administering human services programs.

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