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MnCHOICES is a Web-based application that is comprehensive and integrates assessment and support planning for people who need long-term services and supports in Minnesota. MnCHOICES embraces a person-centered approach to ensure services meet each individual's strengths, goals, preferences and assessed needs.

MnCHOICES is for people of all ages who have any type of disability or need for long-term services and supports (LTSS). The MnCHOICES assessment replaces the following assessment tools:

  • Developmental disability screening
  • Long-term care consultation assessment
  • Personal care assistance assessment
  • Home care nursing (to be included in a future enhancement)

For more information, see the MnCHOICES Initiative fact sheet (PDF).

What is the status of MnCHOICES?

MnCHOICES is being used for new assessments in all counties and participating tribes. Plans are underway to begin using MnCHOICES:

  • For reassessments in counties and participating tribes beginning September 2015
  • In Managed Care Organizations for MSHO and MSC+ products in 2016

What are some of the more frequently asked questions?

Where do I find more information about the MnCHOICES certified assessor training?
What are the technical specifications for MnCHOICES workstations?
Who are the partners and stakeholders DHS has worked with?

Where can I find more information?

Sign up for MnCHOICES Matters, the new MnCHOICES mailing list, to hear about MnCHOICES information, updates and resources.

Email MnCHOICES team to find more information on MnCHOICES and certified assessor training.

See MnCHOICES on DHS CountyLink.

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