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Reform initiatives

Reform initiatives for programs that serve people with disabilities.

Minnesota Employment Learning Community

This community is a group of people working to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

Transition plan for home and community-based settings

A federal HCBS rule requires assurances that people have information and experiences with which to make informed decisions.


MnCHOICES integrates assessment and support planning for Minnesotans who need long-term services and supports.

Disability Waiver Rate System

The DWRS sets uniform rate-determination methods and standards for all disability-related services in Minnesota.

Rule 40 Advisory Committee

This committee made recommendations to DHS to modernize Rule 40.

State Quality Assurance Council

The State Quality Council and DHS work together to support a system of quality assurance and improvement for person-directed services.

Transition to community

The state has funding and grants to support the transition of people from clinical settings to community resources of their choosing.

Employment First

Minnesota is committed to ensuring people with disabilities have opportunities and support to work in competitive, integrated employment.

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