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DHS Bonding: Minnesota Security Hospital
Length: 4:55 Direct Link
This project is the second and final phase of work that began in 2014 to construct and remodel the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter to improve safety for patients and staff. Phase 2 will address remaining safety and security issues, and enhance living, treatment, work, activity and program support space.
DHS Bonding: Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center
Length: 3:15 Direct Link
This project is a package of renovations at the Anoka facility that will improve patient and staff safety and ensures staff are equipped to serve the challenging patients admitted for mental health treatment.
DHS Bonding: Early Childhood Learning Facilities
Length: 3:11 Direct Link
This project provides grant funding to ensure Minnesota families across the state have access to early childhood programs in safe facilities. This statewide grant program supports children’s school readiness. Grant awards help fund the construction or rehabilitation of early childhood facilities owned by a political subdivision or the state. The program uses competitive request for proposal process and requires a 50 percent non-state match.
DHS Bonding: Minnesota Sex Offender Program Phase 2 Construction
Length: 3:28 Direct Link
This project increases MSOP’s capacity to serve the increasing number of clients in the later stages of treatment who have been approved by the courts to live outside the secure perimeter. This is the second phase of a three-phase project that began in 2014. This funding will be used to design, remodel, construct, furnish and equip space in three buildings to add beds and related services outside the secure perimeter on the lower campus in St. Peter.
DHS Bonding: Minnesota Sex Offender Program Less Restrictive Alternatives
Length: 4:05 Direct Link
This project creates two state-run, community-based residential treatment facilities for clients who the court decides can be safely treated in settings other than current MSOP secure facilities. This could include clients with medical or physical conditions who need an assisted living-type setting who will not be served by private providers.
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