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Contacts for reporters

Reporters or editors seeking information on human services issues may contact:

  • Health Care: Martiga Lohn, 651-431-2729
    The two publicly funded health care programs – Medical Assistance (Minnesota's Medicaid program) and MinnesotaCare – that serve low-income Minnesotans
  • Children and Family Services: Karen Smigielski, 651-431-2190
    Child safety and permanency, child care, child support and economic assistance programs to help families and individuals transition to work and economic stability.
  • Community Supports: Karen Smigielski, 651-431-2190
    Behavioral health policy areas, including adult and child mental health, drug abuse, sservices for people with disabilities and housing.
  • Continuing Care for Older Adults: Karen Smigielski, 651-431-2190
    Care and services for seniors who need help living as independently as possible.
  • Departmentwide operations: Karen Smigielski, 651-431-2190
    Operations, including compliance, legal, agencywide budget issues, human resources/employee issues.
  • Office of Inspector General: Karen Smigielski, 651-431-2190
    Fraud prevention and recovery efforts and licensing.
  • Minnesota Sex Offender Program: Martiga Lohn, 651-431-2729
    Inpatient services and treatment in Moose Lake and St. Peter facilities for people who are committed by the court as a sexual psychopathic personality or a sexually dangerous person.
  • Direct Care and Treatment (formerly State Operated Services): Martiga Lohn, 651-431-2729
    Residential and treatment programs for people with mental illness, developmental
    disabilities, chemical dependency and traumatic brain injury, as well as people who pose a risk to society. It includes Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center, community behavioral health hospitals and the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter.

For a complete listing of topics and communications contacts, see the Reporter's Guide to DHS (PDF).

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