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Gather information for personal planning

This section will help you gather information for personal planning. This information helps you create your long-term care plan.

What are my risk factors?

What's your likelihood of needing long-term care? While no one knows for sure, a simple quiz about your family, health history and other unique factors might tell you a lot about your risk of needing long-term care. Take the Minnesota quiz

How much care will I need?

Long-term care needs vary from person to person and often change over time.  

Will my family take care of me?

The vast majority of families do all they can to take care of family members who need help. It is important to have conversations with your family about this issue before you need help.

What does my community offer?

Growing numbers of communities offer long-term care choices to help people remain in their homes and apartments. Find out what your community offers.

How can I prevent or delay the need for long-term care?

One of the more positive and proactive approaches to long-term care is preventing or delaying the need for long-term care. This involves a healthy lifestyle and other things that you can control to some degree. 

Quick draw factoid: The cost of long-term care in Minnesota averages one to two times the state's median household income ($65,000)

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