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What does my community offer?

It can be helpful to find out what long-term care options are available in your community. For example, knowing whether there are local volunteer-based programs in your area may help you decide if you want to remain in your current home or move to a more supportive housing option.

Talking with friends and neighbors whose older relatives have received long-term care in your community can provide useful information about the types of care options available and help you in your own care planning. Some questions to ask might be:

  • What services and programs are available in my community?

  • Which programs and services are available at no or low cost?

When we first need long-term care, many of us turn to our families for help. Families often supplement the care they provide with services from local volunteer-based programs

Most Minnesota communities have local programs that are low or no-cost for people with disabilities and older adults. These can often make a big difference in your ability to stay in your home. The local programs use volunteers to provide services, which makes the help more affordable. They deliver meals, provide volunteer driver transportation, provide chore services and many other services that can help you stay in your home.

The federal Older Americans Act funds the services for people age 60 and older through local Area Agencies on Aging. Services include caregiver support, nutrition, respite, transportation and a variety of chore and home services.

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