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Become a Job Club Member

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Tags: job search, networking

Joining a job club could help you land that perfect job, whether you’ve been looking for a while or have just launched your job search.

The purpose of a job club (sometimes referred to as a networking group) is to help its members find a good job faster. Job club meetings are often held weekly or biweekly and are typically open to all job seekers.

Job club members say participation helps them stay positive, connected and more motivated because others hold them accountable for their job search activities. And members give each other support and frequently make lasting friendships with other participants.

“These benefits result partly from an emphasis on networking and being more proactive,” said Mike Lang of DEED, who facilitates workshops and meetings for job seekers at Twin Cities WorkForce Centers.

The facilitator and club members look for unadvertised job openings and share leads in person or via email or social media. Lang says that to get the most benefit, members should be committed to networking to find and share job leads.

In addition, meetings feature presentations from guest speakers who can talk about an array of job search topics, such as interviewing, coping with job loss and using social media. Club members might have the opportunity to practice interviewing or have their resume critiqued.

Some job clubs have hosted high-profile recruiting experts as speakers and offered free or discounted items to their members, such as photos for their LinkedIn page or career-related books.

It’s easy to find a job club. Minnesota WorkForce Centers hold job club meetings across the state. And places such as libraries, churches and schools offer job clubs in their communities.

If you are a former or current member of the U.S. military, you can participate in a veterans networking group where you’ll talk about job search techniques, events and activities for veterans, including the Minnesota Veterans Career Fair on July 9.

Check out our calendar of events for job seekers to find information on job clubs near you. 



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