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Tips for Using Pinterest for Job Search

Posted on June 04, 2014 at 1:58 PM
Author: Sarah Rach-Sovich Tags: social media, job search

When you think about Pinterest you might think about puppy pictures, do-it-yourself projects or delicious recipes. It is unlikely that using Pinterest to enhance your job search is on your radar, but it should be!

Pinterest is a popular social media website which uses the idea of creating an online scrapbook to showcase users’ interests and inspirations. For the same reason you would create a portfolio to bring to an interview, you can create job-search related boards to provide visuals that showcase your talents. 

To get started, visit  www.pinterest.com  and join. It’s free and quick and easy to use. If you have an active Facebook or Twitter account, you can also connect them to Pinterest to easily share your content with others.  

The following are tips for using Pinterest for your job search:

Use Images and Captions: You want the image (pin) to relate to the content and purpose of your board. Be creative in your approach by using photos of yourself, logos of companies you are interested in working for, charts, work samples and more. The goal is to make your boards engaging and visually appealing. Describe your pins by using a caption. This will give the viewer an idea of what message you are trying to convey through your visual.

Add Boards:  Create multiple pin boards full of content. Make sure to create an online resume board that showcases the experience and skills you have on your resume. You can also create additional boards to curate job search advice such as what to say in an interview or even find examples of outfits to wear to an interview. Also, you can create boards that make sense for your field of work. For example, an event coordinator could include boards of party ideas, party themes, decoration ideas and menus.

Follow Career Experts: There are a lot of career and job search experts on Pinterest. Enter a topic in the search box on the top left of the page and you will get multiple pins or boards to peruse. Some companies even create boards that list job openings and how to apply for them. One company that does a great job marketing their open positions and work culture on Pinterest is  Taco Bell Careers .

Show That You Are Well Rounded:  Pinning things that interest you can help show who you are as a person. Employers don’t want to hire robots. They are looking for people who are genuine and authentic.

If you are going to put work into something, you want to be sure that someone is going to look at it. Share your link on your LinkedIn profile, your email signature, or on Facebook or include it on your networking card. While this may not replace a traditional resume or job search process – it just might give you a competitive edge.




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