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Tips for Finding that Telework Job

Posted on May 28, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Author: Rick Schara Tags: job search

Telework or telecommuting is a popular work arrangement in which employees don't commute to a central place of work. But what if you find that dream job that could be done from home or a remote location and it isn't defined as a telework position? Here are a few tips to get the conversation started.

For the last several years I have been involved in promoting telework among job seekers and employers. Technology has made a remote/flexible work situation a reality and more firms are considering that option to increase their talent pool.

You can find the “telecommute” search option on Minnesotaworks.net, or you can simply search the term “telework/telecommute” in many job listing sites. But what if you find that dream job that could be done from home or a remote location and it isn’t defined as a telework position? You’re a perfect match, but that 200-mile commute is pretty daunting…what then?

One HR manager for a major healthcare corporation in Minnesota says that firms may have yet to explore the idea of a remote worker.  Here are a few tips that might help you navigate that journey

  • Has the job been listed long? Certain positions lend themselves to telework, so if you’re qualified and you notice a possible telecommuting job posting hasn’t been filled in some time…make the pitch!
  • How do you make the pitch? Start with these three words…”Would you consider…?” If a hiring manager will consider a remote worker location, that’s a great start. They may dismiss it out of hand, or maybe they would consider a trial period to prove yourself before moving into your home office. By asking “would you consider,” you aren’t asking for an answer right away; you just want to know if they are open to a dialogue.
  • Demonstrate in your resume and cover letter the ability to work independently, meet goals and have success with limited supervision. Show that you have motivation – prove it!
  • Consider adding a paragraph about your home office set-up, hardware & software, broadband capacity and possible back-up resources (library location? Telework hotel? Co-op work space?). Show your assessment results for the software you may be using.

Your skills, aptitude, temperament and tools to work remotely are valuable; let your potential employers know! It never hurts to ask. 




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