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Check Out Counseling and Temporary Staffing Services

Posted on January 02, 2014 at 9:55 AM
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It’s a new year, and with it comes new opportunities. You’re probably beginning to take action on your new year’s resolutions, such as more networking, improving your elevator pitch, and developing a social media plan. 

But there are more things you can do to help boost your job search. Did you know that personnel staffing services and contract firms can be excellent job search resources?

Using an outsourcing firm might be the perfect way for you to land a job or gain a foot hold at your target company. These organizations specialize in service to specific groups of companies and employment clients. For example, a common field such as information technology can be the focus of dozens of contract firms in a large metropolitan area. A smaller number of staffing firms may work specifically to assist people with disabilities in finding jobs.

Each firm is unique and may provide a combination of blended services. The type of services offered may be influenced by whom they represent: you or the employer. Generally, their focus is on matching your skills with the job openings of employers or companies.

They fall into several categories:

Staffing and Recruiting: Employers use staffing services to assist them in filling their job openings. Staffing agencies recruit, perform extensive interviewing, check references and submit only the most qualified applicants to the employer. Some staffing services offer a bulletin board service where job orders and/or resumes are posted and job seekers and employers interact without any agency involvement.

Job Search Training: Minnesota WorkForce Centers, other job centers and staffing services offer specific training in job search skills to enable you to successfully find your own job. This training may include individual workshops and materials on a variety of job search topics. Classes, which usually are free, focus on resume writing, skills identification and interviewing. If offered by private companies a fee will be charged. Visit www.servicelocator.org to find the closest center to you.

Career Counseling and Planning: If you're looking for a job or entering the labor market for the first time, consider talking with a career counselor to help you with self-assessment, knowledge of the labor market, employment trends and training opportunities. These companies offer aptitude, interest, personality and skills testing to help you with career changes and to fulfill your potential by matching you to employment opportunities.

Outplacement or Career Transition: When companies downsize their workforces, some firms provide laid-off employees with outplacement assistance such as job search workshops and materials, phone rooms, job leads, resume design, a job club and employment counseling. Ask your employer if these services will be provided.

Temporary and Contract Employment: These firms refer you to temporary employment opportunities as requested by an employer who specifies the job requirements and time period of the work assignment. You work for the temporary or contract firm during this time and they pay you. By performing well you may get a full-time offer after your contract ends. Some positions, however, fill only short-term or seasonal needs, such as during the holiday rush or in summer.


To get started with job search training, we encourage you to review the events calendar with classes offered at Minnesota WorkForce Centers. Also posted is a calendar of events specifically for veterans.


To learn about how WorkForce Centers can assist job seekers and where to find the center closest to you, select here .





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