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Posted on December 30, 2013 at 9:59 AM
Tags: small businesses

Business Videos2.jpgThat sluggish, sleepy period between Christmas and New Year's is a traditional time to recover from the frenzy and excess of the holidays by kicking back and watching movies.

Unfortunately, that kind of leisure just isn't an option for most small business owners. There's always work to do. Best get to it. But that doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a few must-see flicks between your chores. We're talking short videos for small business.  

So, toss in a bag of microwave popcorn, crack a soda or top-off your cup, and fire-up your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Here are a few videos (courtesy of the U.S. Small Business Administration) that offer practical advice and valuable insights for small business owners. 

Top 10 Business Tips

Successful entrepreneurs offer their advice for starting your business strong, staying on top of your game, and developing a winning strategy. 


Anticipating and Adjusting to Change

Three entrepreneurs discuss how to anticipate change and talk about how they made key changes to keep their businesses viable.


Show Me the Money

Learn about the SBA's most popular loan program, which helps finance existing and startup businesses when they can't get financing from other sources or from lenders who won't make loans without an SBA guarantee.


Program Preferences for Some Rural Communities

Learn how small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities through the SBA's HUBZone Program.


Doing Business with The Federal Government

The U.S. government is the world's largest buyer of goods and services. Learn how small business owners sell their products or services to the federal government.


The federal government's goal is to award 23 percent of all federal contracts to small businesses. That's hundreds of billions of dollars. Check out the opportunities that may be in store for your company.


Expanding Your Markets and Vision

Does your product have potential in a foreign market? Can you compete with larger companies in the global marketplace? What does it take to become export ready? Many small companies are successful exporters. In these three videos, learn how and why other entrepreneurs made the decision to find customers well beyond their usual markets.






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