All kinds of useful information about Minnesota's economy, business climate, workforce, key industries and more, all broken down for your viewing pleasure.

Minnesota Agriculture

We wouldn't have the Minnesota State Fair if it wasn't for our agriculture industry. Here's a quick look at the second largest employer in our state.

Top Rankings

Minnesota ranks high in business friendliness, education, healthiness and quality of life.

Regional Recognition

Minnesota's cities contain some of the best places to live, work and fall in love.

Economic Honors

Great things are happening in Minnesota and the rest of the country is taking notice.

Minnesota's Exports

The state exports $33 billion in goods and services to markets all around the globe.

Small Business Impact

Small businesses have a BIG impact on Minnesota's economy, providing lots of jobs and pay.

Why Businesses Fail

No one goes into business thinking they'll fail. But many do. Here's why.

Before You Start ...

Here are 10 essential questions you should ask yourself before you start a business.

Organization 101

There are many ways to structure your business. Here are the most common.

Sole Proprietorships

The elements, strengths and weaknesses of a sole proprietorship.


The elements, strengths and weaknesses of partnerships in Minnesota.

All About LLCs

The elements, strengths and weaknesses of limited liability companies in Minnesota.


The elements, strengths and weaknesses of corporations in Minnesota.

Naming Your Business

There are many facets to consider before you name your business.