Client Stories

Clients who have received services from Minnesota's Vocational Rehabilitation Services program often overcome tremendous obstacles on their way to becoming happily and successfully employed. These are just a few of their inspiring stories.

Andrew Biggar

The right training and equipment lead to the right job.

Justin Carlson

Gaining skills, confidence and a hopeful future.

Kurt Dahlquist

Hard work, a job he likes and something to show for it.

Dave Henning

Chiropractic clinic showing signs of growth.

Laura Lecher

Signs of progress: After 15 years, she's back in the workplace.

Delbert Schramm

From homeless and hungry to working and happy.

Linette Paterson

Inner strength, resilience, and a willingness to stick it out.

Josh Peek

This mechanic's on a roll after learning what drives him.

Nick Steen

Old school skills + college diploma = new beginning.

Jason Terry

Rebuilding a life and a business one log cabin at a time.

Wendy Thayer

Finding satisfaction and lasting success under the hood.

Mark Simon

Saving the family farm after working through an injury.