Grant programs provide the services necessary to maintain and advance the employment of persons with severe disabilities throughout Minnesota. This is the information grantees need to apply for and operate grants.


Application Period

Applications are currently being accepted for SFY16, which runs from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Application deadlines vary by program.


Application Forms 

Applications must be submitted using the forms listed below. Detailed instructions are available, as well as sample documents.

Funding Application

Attachment A: Work Plan (not applicable for EE grants)

Attachment B: Budget and Budget Narrative (not applicable for EE grants)

Attachment C: Cost Allocation Plan – Word or Excel (not applicable for EE grants)

Attachment D: Attestation Statement (not applicable for EE grants)

Attachment E: Certification Regarding Lobbying (not applicable for EE grants)

EE Funding Variance Request

Example Documents for non-EE Grants

Financial Reconciliation

As per Minnesota Department of Administration’s Office of Grants Management, state agencies must conduct a financial reconciliation of grantees’ expenditures at least once during the grant period on grants of over $50,000.