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Public Facilities Authority

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Crucial Connections

Since 1990, the PFA has financed more than 850 public infrastructure projects that are crucial to public health in 409 communities statewide.

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Towering Improvements

Hundreds of communities statewide have turned PFA to help finance nearly $650 million improvements in drinking water storage and treatment systems.

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Top Treatment

The PFA has financed close to $3 billion in sewage, wastewater and stormwater treatment improvements statewide.

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Big Investments

Since 1990, the PFA has financed nearly $3.5 billion in critical infrastructure improvements, impacting most every community in Minnesota.

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Monumental Savings

With favorable terms at below market rates, Minnesota communities have saved more than $815 million in interest payments using PFA loans.

pfa-logoInvesting in Communities

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority provides municipal financing programs and expertise to help communities build public infrastructure that preserves the environment, protects public health, and promotes economic growth. 

Commonly known as the PFA, the authority administers and oversees the financial management of three revolving loan funds and other programs that help local units of government construct facilities for clean water (including wastewater, stormwater and drinking water) and other kinds of essential public infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Funds and Programs

Learn more about the loan funds targeting wastewater, stormwater and drinking water treatment as well as other PFA programs.

Loan Repayment Instructions

Instructions and procedures for making loan payments by check or wire transfer to the PFA.

About the PFA

Learn more about the staff and board that oversee the Public Facilities Authority and find contact information for them.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

View status reports and other documents connected to ARRA funds dedicated to clean water projects in Minnesota.

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