Innovative Business Development Public Infrastructure Program


The Innovative Business Development Public Infrastructure (BDPI) program focuses on job creation and retention through the growth of new innovative businesses and organizations.

The program provides grants to local governmental units on a competitive basis statewide for up to 50 percent of the capital cost of the public infrastructure necessary to expand or retain jobs.

Local governmental units (city, county, townships, special district, or other political subdivision or public corporation) are eligible to apply for a grant.

Program Requirements
The minimum requirement applies to cities, which must provide a 50-percent match of the project capital costs.

The projects must be of publicly owned infrastructure related to a development project, including projects that target manufacturing, technology, warehousing and distribution; research and development; innovative business incubator; agricultural processing; or industrial, office, or research park development that would be used by an innovative business

Funds from this program can also be used for land acquisition and preparation, telecommunications, bridges, parking ramps, demolition, hazard remediation, pre-design, construction, equipment and furnishings.

Definition of an Innovative Business
For the purposes of this program, an "Innovative Business" is defined as a business that is engaged in, or is committed to engage in innovation in Minnesota in one of the following: using proprietary technology to add value to a product, process, or service in a high technology field; researching or developing a proprietary product, process or service in a high technology field; researching, developing, or producing a new proprietary technology for use in the fields of tourism, forestry, mining, transportation, or green manufacturing.

Definition of Proprietary Technology
Proprietary technology is defined as the technical innovations that are unique and legally owned or licensed by a business and includes, without limitation, those innovations that are patented, patent pending, a subject of trade secrets, or copyrighted.


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