Research and Analysis

Our Analysis and Evaluation and Labor Market Information offices produce a wide variety of research and reports. They examine the state's key industries and sectors, address current and emerging business issues, and analyze workforce and economic trends.

Labor Market Research and Analysis

Hiring Difficulties in Minnesota

How wide is the skills gap? Findings from a statewide telephone survey of employers.

Green Jobs in Minnesota

A comprehensive assessment and analysis of the state's green economy. 

Business Research and Analysis

Manufacturing Business Conditions

Gauges the outlook of manufacturers about their industries and the state economy.

Manufacturing Skills Gap

Surveys manufacturers statewide about the worker skills that are key to their success.

Business Services Industry Conditions

Gauges the outlook of business services firms about their industries and the state economy.

Minnesota's Clean Energy Economy

A sweeping profile of five key clean-energy industries statewide.

Industry Fact Sheets and Reports

Fact sheets and special reports about some of our core industries and their success.

Business Expansions Reported Statewide

Highlights business startups and expansions at various stages from Minnesota firms statewide.