Occupational Staffing Patterns

This spreadsheet provides the 2012 Minnesota matrix of occupational employment by industry sector. Over 800 occupations are covered. Occupational staffing patterns are developed using Occupational Employment Statistics and Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data.

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About Occupational Staffing Patterns

Description: The Industry-Occupation Matrix is a cross-tabulation of estimated employment by occupation for each industry. The matrix illustrates the distribution of occupations that staff a particular industry.

Data source: OES is a federal-state cooperative program between the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and state agencies. Surveyed employers are asked about the number of wage and salary workers in detailed occupations. OES survey samples are drawn from the universe of non-farm employers covered by the Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. In Minnesota, approximately 6,000 employers participate in the survey each year.

Minnesota data: Occupational Employment Statistics tool

National data: www.bls.gov/oes/

What can it provide for you?

  • Identify industries which constitute the greatest demand for specific occupations.
  • Provide jobseekers and students with information regarding employment potential in various industries.
  • Development of occupational projections.
  • Aid communities in industry recruitment by identifying labor requirements.

How is the data formatted? Viewable and Downloadable Tables

Definitions: Occupations are classified using US Department of Labor's Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) typology. Industries are classified using US OMB's North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).


More about the data:Additional information regarding Occupational Staffing Patterns can be found at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website http://data.bls.gov/oep/nioem/empiohm.jsp

Questions regarding the Minnesota data can be addressed to out Labor Market Information Office at 651-259-7384 or deed.lmi@state.mn.us.