Unemployment Insurance Claims

Initial Unemployment Insurance claims were up sharply over the month in November, with 30,846 claims. This is more than double the 15,507 claims filed in October. These types of dramatic increases are common this time of year, as many highly seasonal industries are decreasing staff for the winter. For instance, the Construction industry had 12,107 initial claims in November, which is an increase of 9,114 from October. Initial claims on an annual basis are slightly up over November 2013, however, with 10.5 percent more this year than last. This stands in contrast to October’s claims level, which was 25.7 percent lower than in 2013. Industries to see large proportional over-the-year claims increases included Mining (up 57.4 percent), Construction (up 32.5 percent) and Transportation and Warehousing (up 21 percent). Much of this over-the-year difference may be explained by the milder weather we saw in November 2013, versus the comparatively cold 2014.

Graph: Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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