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Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims rose by 2,312 in May, up to 15,921 from April’s 13,309. Annually, there were 4.2 percent more claims than the 15,286 in May of 2015. It was the largest over the year increase in claims for a given month since August 2015, which had 10.9 percent more claims than a year prior. Claims in Construction were up sharply (3,287 total, 42.9 percent more than in May of 2015) while claims were lower in Mining (44, down 83.2 percent), Management of Companies and Enterprises (246, down 25.5 percent), and Public Administration (188, down 19.3 percent).

Claims increased for every group of workers with less than 15 years of total education, while those with 15 or more years had 2,718 claims, 8.1 percent lower than the previous year. Claims for male workers were 10.2 percent higher than in 2015 (9.935) while claims for women were 3.9 percent lower (5,751). By racial breakdown, Black or African American Minnesotan’s had 3.6 percent fewer claims (1,192) than in May of 2015, while every other racial group saw more claims this year than last.

bar graph-Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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