Unemployment Insurance Claims

The number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims declined in January, with 23,332 claims submitted in the month. This is a decrease of 10,874, or 31 percent, from December claims. Significant declines in claims are common for the month. As is usual in winter months, the industry with the most claims was Construction, with 6,962. Initial claims also declined over the year, as this January saw 3,173, or 13.4 percent, fewer claims than January of 2014. Virtually every major published industry sector saw annual declines, the exception being Transportation and Warehousing, where claims were up by a total of four, a 0.6 percent increase. Claims were also down in every published occupational group save Protective Service Occupations (up 14, or 15.7 percent) and Legal Occupations (up 16, 13 percent). Geographically, the Northwest Economic Development Region saw an annual increase of 126 claims (31.6 percent) while the remaining twelve regions all had fewer claims than in January 2014.

Graph: Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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