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Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims dropped in July, from June’s 15,442 down to 13,881, a change of more than 10 percent. Over the year, the number of initial claims dropped very slightly, with July 2016 showing 0.1 percent fewer claims than the same month in 2015. The steepest proportional decline came in the Mining industry, which had just 14 claims last month, versus 64 claims a year ago, a drop of 78.1 percent. Other notable annual changes included Manufacturing, which had 3,268 claims (32.9 percent more), Construction, which had 2,144 (14.3 percent more), Health Care and Social Assistance, which had 1,015 claims (18.5 percent less) and Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services, which had 1,001 claims (20.6 percent less). Among occupations, Production Occupations and Construction and Extraction Occupations both had more claims than last year (up by 20.9 and 22.9 percent, respectively), while Personal Care and Service Occupations and Sales and Related Occupations both had fewer claims (down by 37.4 and 21.4 percent, respectively).

July’s relative lack of movement in over-the-year initial claims was driven by various offsetting changes among different demographic groups. The number of initial claims dropped for those under 30 years old and over 64 years old, but rose for all listed age groups in between. Claims increased for White, Asian, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander workers (up 1.8, 7.5, and 23.8 percent, respectively), while they decreased for Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, and workers whose race was unknown (down 5.2, 13.8, and 10 percent, respectively).

bar graph-Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims  

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