Unemployment Insurance Claims

Initial unemployment insurance claims increased for March, with 20,112 claims on the month. This represents an increase of 868, or 4.5 percent, over February. Claims showed a slight annual increase as well, up by 234, or 1.2 percent, over March 2013.  The annual increase was largely driven by a spike in Construction, which was up 723, or 18.9 percent, possibly suggesting that we’re seeing some seasonal effects on unemployment. Other notable annual changes include a decrease of 173 (6 percent) in Manufacturing, a decrease of 108 (7.4 percent) in Retail Trade, a decrease of 186 (12.6 percent) in unclassified industries, and an increase of 169 (20 percent) in Professional and Technical Services. The largest proportional change was in Mining, where claims fell 24.4 percent over the previous 12 months, from 119 to 90. 

Graph: Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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