Management Basics

Managing a business requires so much more than just knowledge of key business practices. Here you’ll learn about some basic leadership traits and decision-making skills that every manager needs to make a business run successfully.

The links below are to content created by the U.S. Small Business Administration and its partner SCORE. It focuses on helping small business owners develop and sharpen a core set of management skills, covering the spectrum from basic leadership to how to plan for growth.

Leadership Skills

Leaders are made, not born. If your goal is to become an effective leader, work on developing these 10 character traits. 

Decision-Making Skills

Business is not for the indecisive. Learn how to avoid many common decision-making mistakes and how to manage your time effectively.

Employee-Management Skills

An employee handbook is essential for managing your employees and making a great first impression. See what your handbook should include.

Marketing, Pricing and Promotion

Are your marketing efforts effectively promoting your small business? Concepts you should consider when creating an integrated marketing plan.

Business Laws and Regulations

You don’t have to be a lawyer to open and run a small business. Find out how to handle day-to-day legal issues that could affect your small business.

Growing Your Business

Are you ready to expand your business? Planning and preparing for new challenges is the first step. Learn the best ways to grow your company.