Integrate Employees

Managing Employee Growth And Development Is Key To Success
The Society for Human Resource Management's June 2006 Workplace Forecast Survey and Organizational Development Special Expertise Panel findings indicate that keeping key talent is one of the greatest concerns among employers. And with turnover costs approaching 90 to 200 percent of the salary, keeping talent can be critical to a strong bottom line.

Businesses that invest in employee growth and development, succeed in achieving business goals overall. Strategies for managing the success of employees who have disabilities are similar, if not the same, as human resource strategies designed for getting the most out of all employees.

  • Training new hires and current employees improves productivity and performance.
  • Managing performance through clear communication improves employee effectiveness.
  • Supporting employee's needs applies to all employees and is generally inexpensive.
  • Utilizing resources maximizes the performance of employees who have disabilities.
  • Financial credits benefit employers who hire people who have disabilities.
  • Career advancement for all employees is essential to business growth and profit

For consultation and support, contact your regional Disability Employment Specialist (800-328-9095).

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