Maximize Your Success

Studies by the Society for Human Resource Management find that keeping key talent is one of the greatest concerns among employers. And with turnover costs approaching 90 to 200 percent of the salary, keeping talent can be critical to a strong bottom line.

Integrate Employees

Strategies for managing the success of employees who have disabilities are similar, if not the same, as human resource strategies designed for getting the most out of all employees.


Here are some ideas on how to prepare your existing and new employees for success.

Supporting Employees

Information on accommodations, supported employment services and planning for an emergency evacuation for employees with disabilities.


There are many paths to improving employee performance, from arranging the work space to rearranging job duties or schedules, here are some basic guidelines for improving employee performance.


One way for employers to retain employees is to establish career development plans for all employees, including those who have disabilities.

Resources for Employers

Networks, programs and information to help employers hire and retain people with disabilities.

Resources for Employees

Resources, programs and help for employees with disabilities.

Tax Credits

Businesses that accommodate people with disabilities may qualify for tax credits and deductions.