Prepare to Hire

Understanding Workforce Need Is The First Step To Profitability

Traditional job approaches to hiring might not be the most successful way to get the best person for the job.

Businesses may have trouble filling a job or retaining workers because they aren't matching the job to the available talent pool. By taking time to thoroughly understand the desired business outcome and building the job from there, many organizations have found hiring success.

Functional Job Analysis Provides A Foundation For Success

Job analysis is the process of breaking down a particular job into its essential functions or parts. It provides an objective basis for hiring, evaluating, training, accommodating and supervising employees, as well as improving organizational efficiency.

It need not require a lot of time or effort, but may result in opening the door to more qualified applicants. Typical questions in a job analysis include:

  • What are the particular contributions of the job toward the overall objectives of the unit or organization?
  • How, where and why is the task performed?
  • How is success measured?
  • What is an acceptable time frame for completing the task?

Tailoring Job Leads To Best Utilization Of Talent

There are several ways in which an organization can take a fresh approach to hiring, once the essential elements of the job are understood. Through flexible approaches to hiring, businesses are more successful at attracting and retaining talent.

  • Job carving/restructuring pulls a job apart and creates a new position with the functions that are a good fit with an available candidate.
  • Job sharing is a common practice for many businesses. Jobs can be shared to match scheduling needs, employee skills or needs.
  • Customized employment is a process through which the relationship between business and employee is analyzed and maximizes the success of the job for both parties.

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