Find Qualified Candidates

Studies show that 90 percent of employees who have disabilities are rated above average in job performance, with safety and attendance records exceeding the norm. Organizations also find that recruiting and hiring people who have disabilities proves valuable without introducing a lot of change to their hiring practices.

Connect to Specialists

Our Disability Employment Specialists can help you tap into the pipeline of talent that workers with disabilities can provide.

Identify Staffing Goals

Whether meeting a short-term hiring need or taking a strategic approach to long-term staffing, there are resources available to businesses at any stage in the hiring process.

Prepare to Hire

By taking time to thoroughly understand the desired business outcome and building the job from there, many organizations have found hiring success.

Find Candidates

79 percent of companies report a significant gap in their talent pipeline. Let us help you address that gap.

Networking Resources

Here we provide a wide variety of networking resources to help you find and recruit qualified candidates.


Tips for interviewing a candidate who has a disability.