Find Candidates

Opening Doors To All Candidates
According to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, 79 percent of companies report a significant gap in their talent pipeline. Advertising in the places that are frequented by diverse job-seekers, including those who have disabilities, can expand the pool of qualified candidates from which employers can draw.

  • Network with state or community-based vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Contact local university and college recruitment programs.
  • Include disability service offices of local post-secondary institutions in your recruiting networks.
  • Place ads with publications and web sites targeting people who have disabilities.

Advertising Positions
Advertise job openings in publications, on web sites and with agencies through which people who have disabilities can find them.

  • Be sure to post your openings on - the state's non-fee online job bank.
  • Use the phrase "equal opportunity employer" in job advertisements to encourage all candidates to apply.
  • Making information about job openings accessible to people who have disabilities positions your organization favorably in the marketplace of people who have disabilities.
  • Create accessible applications: electronically, verbally, audio or video recorded, in large print, etc.

For consultation and support, contact your regional Disability Employment Specialist (800-328-9095).