Connect to Specialists

Disability Employment Specialists Are The Right Connection
Our Disability Employment Specialists can help you tap into the pipeline of talent that workers with disabilities can provide.

They can help you identify, recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities, as well as provide other resources and strategic alliances -- all at no cost to your business.

The following steps provide a quick guide to getting the most from your Disability Employment Specialist.

  • Show the specialist the work environment for the job.
  • Describe the relationship of the job to your business goals.
  • Be clear about essential job functions. Be open to alternative ways of getting the job done.
  • Be clear about your vision of the ideal candidate in terms of soft skills; patience, timeliness, conscientious, etc.
  • Disclose difficulties you've had with the job in the past, if any.

For consultation and support, contact your regional Disability Employment Specialist (800-328-9095).