Public Meeting Notices

Meetings of Minnesota councils, boards, and other advisory groups that are affiliated with DEED are open to the public. The Open Meeting Law (Minn. Stat. 13D) requires notice be given about these meetings. Many of the groups provide meeting schedules on their websites; see the Advisory Groups webpage for links.

From time to time, DEED may also post information here about meetings for which DEED is responsible, especially notices of special or emergency meetings.  


Minnesota Job Creation Fund Program public hearing:

Friday, September 12, 2014
1:00 p.m.
Department of Employment and Economic Development
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The public hearing will be on a proposal to provide funding through the Minnesota Job Creation Fund Program pursuant to authority granted under Minnesota Statutes 116J.8748 and Minnesota Rules Chapter 4301. For more information, see page 289 of the September 2, 2014 State Register.