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MINN. STAT. CHAPTER 83.20 defines subdivided land as “any real estate, wherever located, improved or unimproved, which is divided or proposed to be divided for the purpose of sale or lease, including sales or leases of any timeshare interest, unit in a common interest community, or similar interest in real estate."

It is unlawful to offer or sell a subdivided land (Timeshare) interest or a membership camping contract in Minnesota unless that interest or contract is either registered or exempt from registration.  As such, the Minnesota Department of Commerce Securities Unit is responsible for the registration and regulation of the sale and marketing of lots, points and fractional share ownership of land in the State. 

The law provides consumer protection to purchasers of timeshares, subdivided land and membership camping contracts. The Membership Camping Practices Law is found in MINN. STAT. CHAPTER 82A and the Subdivided Land Laws are found in MINN. STAT. CHAPTER 83 and MINNESOTA RULES 2810.

Prior to registering to sell subdivided land, timeshares or camping contracts in the State of Minnesota, it is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney specializing in Minnesota real estate law.

If you have any questions please see the FAQ Section of our website or call 651-539-1625.

This section of our website is designed to provide individuals interested in subdivided land, timeshares, or camping contracts with information concerning:

How to Register Timeshares and Subdivided Land
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