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Franchise News, Important Links and Other Information

Oversight of franchise and business opportunity offerings is an important consumer protection for hundreds of thousands of people who invest in these operations. It requires careful attention by both federal and state authorities.

At the state level, oversight of franchising is grounded in the traditional commitment of grassroots officials to protect consumers whenever possible before they part with their money; and in those cases where money is lost in a fraudulent deal, to marshal the enforcement resources to shut down the violator and seek restitution if possible.

Franchise News 

Before you invest in a Franchise: 

Federal Trade Commission | Bureau of Consumer Protection
Small Business Administration | Buying a Franchise
  • Franchising Overview: Buying a Franchise Want to be your own boss, but aren't willing to take on the risk of starting your own business from scratch? Franchising can be a great alternative if you are an entrepreneur with limited resources
  • Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise: Franchising can give you instant recognition of your business and the ability to obtain ongoing support from your franchiser, but be careful: Purchasing a franchise does not guarantee success. Before you decide to become a ... 
  • Franchising Strategy: You need a strategy before investing in a franchise. Doing your homework about the franchise first will help you gain a solid understanding of what to expect as well as the risks that could be involved. Be a Detective In ... 
  • Associations & Forums: Becoming a member of a franchising association can open the door to a wealth of information. With access to association resources and members who have expertise, you can learn all you need to know about franchising before you start
Minnesota Department of Commerce - Securities Registration and Enforcement Surveys