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How to report insurance fraud

Please contact us if you suspect someone is committing insurance fraud or fraudulent workers' compensation activity. Please be as specific and precise as possible.

For the general public:

You may call the Fraud Tip Line at 1-888-FRAUD MN (1-888-372-8366).

For the industry:

This fraud reporting system is provided by the Minnesota Department of Commerce through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It allows consumers, insurance producers and employees of insurers to provide information anonymously about alleged violations of insurance laws and regulations.

No personal identifying information is required to submit an allegation of suspected fraud. You will need to provide information about where the suspected fraud occurred and the name of the business or individual you suspect of committing the fraud. Optional fields include the date of the suspected fraud and amount of loss. A text box allows you to provide additional details.

You may call the Fraud Tip Line at 1-888-FRAUD MN (1-888-372-8366).